CENTRAVIS joined the European Business Association

CENTRAVIS, the top global supplier of seamless stainless steel tubes& pipes, entered the European Business Association (EBA).

In April 2014 CENTRAVIS got official confirmation from the Board of the European Business Association on the full membership.

“Today CENTRAVIS is the fourth largest supplier of seamless stainless steel tubes & pipes in the EU countries. In this region the Company sells a significant portion of the finished products through the network of sales offices and trade agents in Switzerland, Germany , Italy, Poland and other countries – said Peter Gorban` , Head of Strategic Marketing . Joining the EBA is a logical step that reflects our commitment to European values ​​and business practices and long-term plans to build up sales in the EU markets. We hope that joining the Association will considerably further our business goals and enable deeper integration of Ukrainian stainless steel industry into European Economic Area.”

European Business Association, founded in 1999, brings together international and national companies. Now more than 900 companies are a part of the EBA. The European Business Association is one of the largest business communities in Ukraine.

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