Centravis: Combing the Best of Two Worlds

International holding Centravis, a new player at global seamless stainless steel tube market, was launched on 24 September, 2007

On the 24th of September, group of companies UVIS (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) announced about its business transformation implemented by combining its manufacturing, service, and trading assets into a single integrated structure: an international holding Centravis Ltd. The newly born holding today includes production capacities of Nikopol stainless pipe mill and an extensive network of trade companies and agents in Western Europe (Germany, Italy, Switzerland), USA, CIS countries (Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine). Among them UAS SA, UAS America, Nikopol Stainless Italy, Eurolinex (stainless pipe only), “Promsiryemetall”, “Nikopol Ukr Stainless”, “Nikopol Rus Stainless” and others being the main. Primary assets of the holding are located in Ukraine and managed by Atanasovs’ family.

A long-term development program foresees that by 2010 Centravis is to shift from regional leaders to the world producers of seamless stainless pipes. To make it teue, the scaled reorganization process is supported by intensive investments into technologies, equipment and training programs for employees. The project is realized by an international team of managers from Germany, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine, following European standards of management and running business.

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