CENTRAVIS patented a new heat treatment technology

The State Enterprise UKRAINIAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INSTITUTE has approved granting a patent to our Company for heat treatment procedure, which ensures increased (at least 40% as compared to our competitors’ products) mechanical properties providing high plastic properties.

Thus, UKRPATENT has officially confirmed the solution uniqueness, and has reserved the sole right to use this procedure by our Company.

What is the feature of novelty, what are the opportunities for CENTRAVIS, and what is the value for our customers?

1. The developed procedure makes it possible to produce products of the Cold Shop range in TP304/304L; TP321; TP316/316L austenitic steel grades and others, for segments where high and super-high pressures are used. In particular, HPI (High pressure industry) and Automotive, providing min 40% increased service life:

2. Much more expensive materials are used on the market of seamless stainless tubes for HPI and Automotive segments (in assemblies of critical pressure parameters); if they are replaced with this advanced solution of CPU, we shall have excellent chances to become an exclusive supplier of products for major projects, and to boost sales significantly on strategic markets.

3. Our materials of CPU 304L; CPU 316L; CPU 321 have some outstanding features as increased strength and wear resistance, and it makes possible to use materials of smaller sections by our engineers, significantly resulting in reduction of finished products weight. Excellent plastic properties of this new solution provide final consumers with high strains in manufacturing finished products, thereby improving their own process; it seems to be impossible to reach this result using the products available on the market:

The next step is to register CENTRAVIS 304LTM ; CENTRAVIS 316LTM; CENTRAVIS 321TM.

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