Centravis launched “Management online” service

"Management online" is an additional service introduced by Centravis and is a part of a program aimed to increase Company's transparency and reflects the customer-centric approach of Centravis long-term strategy.

The project idea is to provide a possibility to customers and partners to communicate directly with the top management in real time. “Management online” is being implemented within Centravis strategy focused on development of partnership relations with customers. We believe that the possibility of direct communication with Company’s management will increase efficiency of interaction with our partners, expedite the feedback to open issues and create a background for development of a new level of partnership relations” mentioned Peter Gorban, Head of Strategic Marketing at Centravis Production Ukraine.

Detailed information on each communication session will be regularly published on Centravis corporate web-site. To view the details of the forthcoming session please follow the link centravis.com

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