CENTRAVIS finances the purchase of interactive equipment for school’s classrooms in Nikopol

Centravis Fund remains committed to investing into the development of Nikopol’s social sphere.

Within its partnership program with local government, the Fund has supplied computer equipment to the school № 10 in Nikopol. Recently, Centravis employees has held attended an open lesson in one of the multimedia classrooms.

For the last two years, Centravis has been a part to a government-led project for primary school students called “One Pupil – One Computer” held jointly with Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration, Regional Postgraduate Teacher Training Institute, and Science and Education Department of Nikopol City Council.

In the beginning of 2015, Centravis Fund has supplied a projector, interactive board, computer for a teacher and 25 netbooks for the pupils. Later, when children of the internally displaced families joined the class, Centravis delivered seven additional workstations. All the equipment was supplied to the Nikopol School № 10 after it won a social contest carried out by Centravis.

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