Sinopec Approval

Good news
Centravis has been approved as a supplier to the Chinese petroleum and chemical corporation Sinopec. It took the sales team and Hy-Lok China’s agent two years to draft and agree the documents proving our products’ compliance with the customer’s requirements.

    Sinopec owns 30 refineries and 353 oil products storage facilities with a capacity of 18.8 million m³. The corporation’s retail network is one of the largest in the PRC and consists of 30 thousand gas filling stations. Sinopec is the second largest oil and gas company in China and the third largest chemical company in the world.

    Now, Centravis is open to participating in the corporation’s projects, which cover 60–70% of petrochemical projects in China. This will allow increasing the supply of instrumental pipes to this country and broke into the East Asian market.

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