CENTRAVIS at Iran Oil Show

CENTRAVIS took part in the 22nd International Exhibition Iran Oil Show dedicated to oil and gas and petrochemical industry. The event is annually held in Tehran supported by the Iranian Ministry of Oil, and is one of the key events worldwide in terms of number and diversity of participants, - manufacturers and exporters of petroleum products, associated equipment and engineering companies, research & development centers, environmental organizations and IT companies.

“After economic sanctions have been cancelled, a number of stopped projects in oil and gas sector were renewed including construction of several propylene plants as well as significant increase in the tanker fleet through the construction of LNG carriers. This ensures the opportunity for increased consumption in the market. Taking into account CENTRAVIS approvals by the key consumers of the industry, such as NIGC, NPC, IOOC, etc., we are focused on development of sales in this region while the potential is seen in both tubing and piping”, – commented Andrey Fedko, Head of Strategic Marketing and Sales Development, CENTRAVIS. “Positive attitude of EPC and OEM companies we met with and their focus on cooperation should be noted. This is the ground to believe that CENTRAVIS products will be perceived by the market and the company will get the status of reliable supplier for oil and gas industry of Iran”.

Currently, Iran has huge reserves of oil and gas, being number two among OPEC members and continuing to increase both extraction of energy resources and refining.

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