CENTRAVIS initiates World Class Manufacturing Project

The term World Class Manufacturing gained fame when the same-named book by Richard J. Schonberger was published in 1986. It was based on a study of Toyota production system and Japanese management practices.

In contrast to classical management model, alternative management model implemented by the world leading companies, assumes that company productivity and efficiency increase should be initiated by employees, while management has mainly supportive and coordinative role. In this case employees become the owners of key manufacturing processes and such approach tends to the long-term and solid performance.

Principles like this became the basis of management system known as World Class Manufacturing, which continuously proved its efficiency. The system is actively implemented by the world leading companies and assumes that productivity increase is reached through involvement and motivation of employees, as well as through improvement of working practices, work organization and current processes optimization.

One of the first steps towards World Class Manufacturing in CENTRAVIS will be the 5S system implementation. The Project will enable the Company to increase productivity, reduce costs and, thus, ensure the increase of competitiveness. About 30 % of the Company employees are expected to be involved in the Project during 2014. The Project start is scheduled for January, 2014.

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