Sergey Atanasov lecture hall opened in the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

December 9, 2015. Lecture hall named after Sergei Atanasov was opened in the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMetAU). The auditorium was named in memory of well-known metallurgist, one of the founders of international pipe holding CENTRAVIS.

The lectrure hall creation was initiated by Heat Treatment Department of NMetAU. The idea was supported by representatives of the Atanasov`s family. Since September 2015, the lecture hall was upgraded. The electrical networks and water supply systems were renovated, new windows and doors were installed, furniture, modern multimedia equipment, and personal computers purchased. Special info stands about Sergey Atanasov and international pipe holding Centravis he established, were placed in the lecture hall.
Auditorium is designed for lectures, group and practical training in various disciplines, as well as the scientific work for NMetAU students.

“Sergey Atanasov was always an enthusiastic supporter of progress and moving forward. His desire to achieve more allowed CENTRAVIS to become a worldwide recognized company,” says Leonid Dayneko, Head of Heat Treatment Department of NMetAU. “Metallurgical Academy is the best place to keep the memory of this person and give a good example to future generations.”

The whole life of Sergey Atanasov was devoted to pipe manufacturing. He always supported talented students by improving facilities and resources of the Faculty of Physical Metallurgy and Metal Treatment at Dnepropetrovsk National Metallurgical Academy. Sergey Atanasov’s life was tragically cut short on May 17, 2013. Centravis Company and its Shareholders, the Atanasov’s family continue his initiatives, actively developing social partnership with NMetAU and other relevant institutions.

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