CENTRAVIS Charity Fund: Opening of the Training Workshop for Mill Operators

Workshop for training Mill Operators established by CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE PJSC was opened on September 21 in Nikopol vocational training center, as a part of long-term program on social investments in a modern youth education called "My profession is my pride".

A proper renovation and a new furniture were made during the project implementation. In addition, measuring and bench tools were purchased for the workshop. The premise is decorated with the stands demonstrating cold pilgering and drawing processes as well as the design of the rolling and pilger mills. Also a special racks with rolling and auxiliary tools were dedicated to the workshop.

The workshop has been opened aiming at creation of requisite conditions for training of qualified blue collars. Proper training is almost impossible without a combination of theoretical and practical components, without transfer of not just theoretical knowledge of rolling process and technology, but also transfer of the best practices to a new generation.

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