CENTRAVIS continues to implement the World-Class Manufacturing Program

CENTRAVIS improves working conditions: two renovated dining rooms opened and subsidies for food introduced.

Centravis cares deeply about creating a comfortable environment for its employees, and has been systemically working to improve its internal efficiency. Confirmation of this can be seen in the completion of the comprehensive project aimed at providing workers with quality nutrition and comfortable dining areas, implemented under the auspices of the company’s World Class Manufacturing project.

Major renovations were seen in the tube drawing and tube pressing workshop canteens. In addition to updating the interior, changes have also been made to the canteen’s schedule, which is now open seven days a week for the first and second shifts. The final step has been to replace the food catering service provider in order to expand and improve the range of nutritious food for the more than 700 people the canteen serves each day. In order to make the new line of healthy food more affordable for all categories of employees, the company introduced food subsidies for the production staff in the first quarter of 2015.

“This most recent project to integrate a new food system, as well as other projects to improve the working and living conditions of employees – such as the replacement and cleaning of uniforms, the repair of shower and other personnel facilities – are all important steps in our World-class Manufacturing Program(WCM). The main goal of these projects is to provide employees with all of the conditions to focus on production and improvement of operational processes. Ultimately, all projects within WCM framework are intended to increase productivity and overall efficiency of all departments,” says Sergei Sokolov, chief operational officer of CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE, PJSC

The World Class Manufacturing Project was launched in Centravis in late 2013, and includes activities aimed to improve working conditions, raise production safety, introduce a 5S workplace organization method, as well as to encourage the employees’ initiatives and streamline their activities through their involvement in investment and organizational projects.

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