Why does CENTRAVIS invest in scientific research?

CENTRAVIS is a company with its own strong science and technology base, this base makes it possible to develop innovative engineering solutions, providing benefits for our customers.

Our engineers and designers can accurately predict wear of the tube material used in operation. It is the most important process that has an effect on integrity and lifetime of our finished products, as well as our personnel safety.

As a result, R&D team of CENTRAVIS has developed and successfully tested a math operation model to predict corrosion resistance level for tube products depending on the corrosive environment, temperature and pressure used. First of all, we are talking about the oil refining and chemical industries, where the possibility of predicting the loss of mass of metal pipes during operation in aggressive environments plays a crucial role.

In view of actual set of properties, microstructure, chemical composition and other parameters of “as received” products, the new solutions applied provide our customer’s designers with additional important information and it is an excellent example of our customer-oriented approach.

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