Vasyl Atanasov, a shareholder and one of the founders of Centravis, has passed away

It is indescribable pain in our hearts and deep sadness to inform you that Vasyl Atanasov, a shareholder and one of the founders of the Centravis, passed away yesterday.

Vasyl Atanasov devoted his entire life to the Nikopol Yuzhnotrubnyi Plant, its development and prosperity. He was promoted from roller assistant to senior master, engaged in scientific activities at the All-Union Scientific and Research Institute of the Pipe Industry and held management positions in the established family business. He passed on his love for his favorite occupation to his sons and grandchildren, creating a whole family dynasty. Thanks to the significant contribution of this outstanding person to the pipe industry of Ukraine, we have the honor of working at one of the best high-tech companies in the world.

He was a sincere, kind person who was respected and loved by all colleagues who were lucky enough to work with him in the same team in different years. He was a support for his family, a wise mentor and ideological inspirer of his loved ones. We are proud that we had the opportunity to work with and know Vasyl Radionovych personally. Sincere condolences to the Atanasov family and the entire Centravis family who are grieving today.

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