Caring about Our Employees is a Top Priority

On April 28, the World Day of Labor Protection is celebrated all over the world. This is a significant holiday for all responsible employers, among which is the company CENTRAVIS - on this day the solemn ceremony of awarding participants of the thematic competition of children's creative works took place in the company.

“For CENTRAVIS, the safety and comfort of employees is one of the key priorities. For our part, we are striving to provide the company’s employees with everything necessary and expect that they will also take care of their safety. After all, it is we, our habits and our behavior that are an example and a reflection of the future of our children.
The way we fasten our seat belts in the car, hold on to the railing, wear protective goggles, we cross the road to green light on the pedestrian crossing – it forms the world outlook and future behavior of our children. During the excursions for children, we paid special attention not only to the formation of a child’s vision and understanding of production and production processes, but also to the formation, in the minds of children, of the importance and priority of issues of both personal and industrial safety, “comments Ivan Kikhtenko, head of the labor protection and environment service CENTRAVIS.

The event was attended by the children of employees of various structural divisions of the enterprise, as well as children of the sponsored boarding school “Harmony”. Children aged 6 to 14 years presented original creative works, made in various techniques from a wide variety of materials. To form the idea of ​​safety for the children in the workplace, on April 14, a cognitive excursion to the enterprise was organized for all interested contestants, where children could get to know the production of the world class more closely. Seen by the kids and became the basis for their creative work.

In the future, CENTRAVIS will continue to implement projects aimed at attracting employees’ attention to occupational safety and health at work.

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