Message from Centravis CEO Yuriy Atanasov concerning the Top Groups’ Holding establishment in Switzerland

Our dear partners, friends, and clients, We would like to share with you another good news from Centravis.

Before the war, in November-December 2021, we had developed an action plan that would allow us to de-risk our management, operational, and financial geopolitical risks that had been evident at that time already.

We would like to inform you that at the very last day of 2022 Swiss Authorities finally issued their permission for Centravis to establish our Top Groups’ Holding Company as well as a seat of our Group’s Board of Directors, in Lugano, Switzerland.

With such a move we would like to capitalize on:

  • stringent Swiss corporate governance framework;
  • much closer access to Western financial system and institutions;

We continue strengthening our stability. We strongly stand with you, with Ukraine and with Ukrainian people.
Thank you for your support.

Best regards,
Yuriy Atanasov

Chief Executive Officer

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