How does CENTRAVIS meet the spread of COVID-19?

What does CENTRAVIS do to become the safest location in Nikopol?

– The COVID-19 Steering Team of CENTRAVIS runs in its online daily meetings environment.
– We have introduced a strict mask requirement; failure to comply with this requirement is subject to disciplinary actions. (the order can be found here).
– We have developed a summary sheet for managers, if any subordinate employee is confirmed to have COVID-19 (can be found here).
– We have developed a general summary sheet. It includes all regulations and quarantine measures updated (can be found here).
– Everyone works remotely, if the job roles make it possible. If remote work is impossible, some variable schedules have been developed for our colleagues working at the office/closed premises. These variable schedules minimize any physical contact.
– We hold our working meetings online.
– Any important meeting shall be held as a face-to-face event, if the mask requirement and safe social distance in 1.5 meters are definitely fulfilled.
– All meetings with contractors, suppliers and customers shall be online. When any participant’s personal attendance is required, Mr. Atanasov, as the Chairperson of the COVID-19 Steering Team, shall issue his own approval for such face-to-face meeting.
– We regularly control our employees’ health (health care workers provide daily temperature measurements with non-contact thermometers).
– Our colleagues having higher-temperatures are not permitted to work (they are routed to their family doctor; if they do not have their family doctor, our coordinating doctor of the insurance company is available. Phone: 067 214 00 03 or 050 119 01 40).
– We check any data on the Health Declarations those shall be made by our colleagues and their family doctors.
– Our employees are provided with medical insurance, it allows them to get help and advice as soon as possible. We appreciate Ingo IC, as our partner, for successful cooperation and support through the years.
– We ensure observance of a distance in 1.5 meters between our colleagues.
– We have excluded any contact greeting or recognition.
– We wash and sanitize our hands with special cleaners (if you need contacts, our procurement service will help you).
– We have installed recirculating and decontaminating lamps at our common facilities.
– We provide protective masks and gloves (if necessary) (if you need contacts, our procurement service will help you).
– We thoroughly clean all surfaces with disinfectants.
– Our employees’ home-to-work travels are provided by our corporate transport means, they are sanitary treated regularly.
– We have ensured a checkerboard seating of no more than 2 people at one table at our canteens, the line marks are also provided.
– If you need for any emotional support, you have a good opportunity to see a psychologist twice a month at the Cold Shop and Hot Shop; our TellMe Platform is also available through the following link:(https://tellme.com.ua/). This Platform is free of charge.
– We regularly inform our employees on preventive measures and spread of the disease. Our official communicative sources are the following: moz.gov.ua , www.who.int , covid19.com.ua
– Over the pandemic period, we have allocated UAH 1.5 million as our financial support to the healthcare institutions in Nikopol and Dnepr. We have purchased the medical equipment required.

The Company proceeds on obligations assigned to its employees and partners. We undertake our further work effectively to prevent the medical problem turning into business one. Let’s take care of each other and our health!

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