Evolutionary path and values

Our Evolutionary Path

We are changing the world for the better, taking care of the environment in Nikopol, Ukraine and the whole world.

We make the world safer by focusing on quality.

We are developing, revealing our talents and potential.

We secure our well-being and prosperity to our families.

We are the Team where we hear and support others!

We are Centravis!

We manufacture seamless stainless pipes! And we like it!

Our values


This is a place of power where each of us finds love, support, and the reason of life.


Recognition of Achievements

  • We hear words of gratitude for our work and praise our colleagues for their results.
  • We walk through the plant and see the results of our work in real.
  • We remember that any work is worthy of respect.
  • We deserve to be proud of ourselves.



  • This is a choice of what step to take and how it can affect others and the general result.
  • We are determinately moving forward, overcoming fears. We achieve our goals and reach new levels.
  • We are ready to admit mistakes and draw the right conclusions from them.

Confidence and Honesty

  • We learn to trust each other, although the experience of past years may tell us to rely only on ourselves.
  • We are telling the truth, even if it is difficult. Confidence is gained through truth. And relationships are built on confidence.
  • We do not take someone else’s possessions because we know what it is like to lose our own. We earn money honestly.
  • We want to be ourselves and do not accept duplicity as we realize how important it is to be able to rely on a person. It is worth to remember that our loved ones taught us to live honestly, not to deceive and not to fail others.



  • We are kind and helpful people who are always ready to give a helping hand no matter what.
  • We know how to forgive and see good in people.
  • We warmly behave towards people around us and believe in them.
  • We love and protect everyone who is close.



  • The team will help you when you are in trouble.
  • We believe in each other and value everyone in the team.
  • We create a nice working environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • We solve complex problems together.



  • We always strive for the best. We develop, set an example to others, learn through mistakes and draw the right conclusions
  • We are open to new things. We take all changes as a chance to improve
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