Within its Business Development Strategy for 2007-2017, CENTRAVIS invested actively into new equipment and production facilities.

As a result of the upgrade, CENTRAVIS has considerably expanded the product portfolio in steel grades and tube sizes and become the largest supplier of seamless stainless steel tubes to the CIS markets. A consistent business strategy enabled CENTRAVIS to lay a firm ground for development of high value-added product sales.

$130 million

of investment in modern equipment and advanced technologies

In a highly competitive environment created by Western and Eastern producers and driven by increased complicated customers’ needs CENTRAVIS based on Strategy for 2018-2022 focuses on development of sales of high value-added products as well as on industrial and organizational innovations offering unique solutions to the customers.

Strategy for 2018-2022: development of sales of high value added products, sales market expansion, development of technologies and processes

Development of sales of high value-added products

CENTRAVIS continues developing custom-made high-tech pipes and tubes with additional requirements in terms of accuracy, configuration, length and pipe surface finishing. It is primarily a product for such industries as the oil and gas industry, automotive, chemical and petrochemical branches, nuclear and thermal power engineering, those making increased demands not only for the product but also for the production process and control over the final result. The Company provides a range of additional services for various industries, namely cutting, drilling, other mechanical processing of branch pipes for the automobile industry, production of u-shaped pipes for heat exchange equipment, provision of optimum technical solutions proceeding from individual requirements of each customer. The strategic priority of sales development will be increasing the share of high added-value products in the portfolio by providing optimal technical solutions as well as development of mutually beneficial relations with end users.

Sales market expansion

In the nearest future, CENTRAVIS intends to maintain its presence in the strategic markets of Europe, increase the volume of supplies to North America, Asia and the Middle East, regain the leading position in the domestic market of Ukraine. The main tools for achieving these goals are as follows: maintenance of strategic partnership with distributors, further development of the project business, obtaining priority certifications and approvals from end customers and improving the customer service system.

In terms of project business, the company has achieved a considerable success, having increased the project business eightfold over the recent years. The CENTRAVIS portfolio includes major projects in the nuclear and automotive industries. CENTRAVIS carries the status of supplier approved by all major players in the petrochemical, energetic and aerospace industries. Having built a modern system of customer service, CENTRAVIS focuses on reducing lead times.

The development of technology and processes. Building a self-managing organization

Another important task for the next several years is the production process optimization and stabilization: reduction of the product cost along with a growth in quality indices and productivity of key personnel. In the medium term, the Company intends to increase production volumes, focusing on the return on investments in hot production and development of specialization and capacities of cold production.

Currently CENTRAVIS applies fully functioning international systems of financial reporting, remuneration of labour, periodical appraisal and motivation of employees along with the system of integrated enterprise resource management based on SAP ERP.

The company launched a system project aimed at reinventing the organisation based on self-managment. This is a comprehensive platform to implement CENTRAVIS transformation into a global, competitive enterprise with efficient business processes, consistently high product quality, minimal risks and optimal costs at all the stages of the production process.

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